Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day Three of Shopping Finds

How can you not love this happy face spoon?

I got two of them and might, just might, have to keep one!

They say Splenda and Kool-Aid on them, have to find out how old they are.

Just look at the rainbow of colors!

They are a basketweave plate holders and I got lucky enough to get two of each color for a nice set of eight!

Some primitive looking kitchen utensils, one being red Bakelite.

Stay cool rolling pin.  You can put ice into the center chamber.

This was an odd thing I found at a thrift shop.  I love the looks and colors of it and thought it was a planter.  When I picked it up though, I was surprised.

That hole isn't large enough for a plant!  While at an antique co-op, I started talking to a man that helped me with my lamp and asked him if he had any idea what it could be and he said a lamp base!  OMG, he was so right.  I found a few more online but not one of them have any lamp parts with them.  Did they start to make the pottery and then the deal fell through with the lamp makers?  I have an idea what I need to find to make it into a lamp, so I'll keep looking!  Upon looking really hard, I found USA marked under the glaze, it's really hard to see but there.  Wouldn't it just be adorable in a baby nursery?

Have a nice day!

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VintageVendor said...

Lots of great kitchen finds on your trip.
I love that sweet little lamp base. Had no idea that
is what is was used for so I learned something new