Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Thrifting and Antique Shopping

I didn't take photos each day so these won't be in any type of order.

Here are some wooden items!  Two rulers for my collection, two hooks but I don't know what they are for because they don't stand up on their own and they don't have a way to hang them and four bobbins.

I came across these older knitting needles:

How do I know they are older?  They are marked with this:

Grants is a store that has been out of business since the 70's.

Don't ask.  I wanted this for my desk.

More wooden bowling trophies!

Some Pez dispensers:

Close up:

What is up with these, I can't seem to resist these.  I now have a small collection of them!  Mostly owls, so these excite me!

I found this box of Jewel Brite Ornaments and had to have them.  I'm now looking for an aluminum wall hanging Christmas tree to display them on!
And here's that name again.  Amazing they were only .88 cents:

And can't keep from showing this one off right away!  My best find!

It is so funky cool!  Fiberglass bullet gooseneck lamp!  

Stay tuned for more!

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VintageVendor said...

Wow. What a great variety of goodies you came home with. That lamp is to die for!! Looking forward to more!!!!