Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas photos

A friend of mine went along with me on my last vintage shopping spree.  She was looking for inexpensive balls to make a tree.  She found a huge box of ornaments for only $5.00 and then some old vintage Shiny Brites for a good price.

  She said they used to make these trees as kids and I've never seen one before so I was anxious to see one.  Today, she sent me photos!  She said they take a simple dowel and drill a hole in another piece of wood to use as a base and insert the dowel into the hole.  Then, just start sliding ornaments onto the dowel and here is the end result.

And, she got her Shiny Brites into a pretty dish:
Instant display!!  WTG, Jean, they look great!

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Julie said...

Gorgeous ideas!!!!! Very cool.