Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Decorating

I decided to go with handmade and trees this year.  I got lucky and found this old, vintage pom pom tinsel tree on eBay for a good price and just couldn't resist it.  It's the highlight of my decorations!
I couldn't believe my luck when I got my ornaments out to fill my bowl and realized I have these tiny glass mercury balls that went perfectly on my tree!
I hung the tree above my cabinet.
Top shelf is my vintage cheese container with Shiny Brite and Germany ornaments.  The wooden reindeer and trees on the next shelf, I made so long ago, they are vintage now!  The 3 Santas with a tree and the snowman are stitched on perforated paper.
The reindeer have twigs I found outside, another stitched tree on perforated paper and two of my book folding trees.
Sitting by the cabinet is a plastic canvas Santa door stop that was given to me ages ago.
My handmade wreaths from ornaments, the center one being my favorite:
I made this one with Shiny Brite ornaments and vintage decorations.  The twine you see between the wreaths is to clip Christmas cards on!
The dish on the left holds the clips for cards and another one of my folding book trees.  The candle has a bracelet made from plastic beads and says Noel on it.  I found the van at a thrift shop and tied a bottle brush tree to it.
This is pathetic.  LOL!  I've always wanted a decoration tree and I started back in Oct. stitching up ornaments, finally got the tree and just hate how they look on it.  I guess I should have done all uniform size ornaments.  Why do other peoples stuff always look so much better than when I try to do the same thing?
On the other hand, this is one I'm most proud of.  I stitched this up back in 1991.  
I had to relocate the hanging book folding to my paint by number wall so I could keep it out.  I don't have much room to decorate, so have to make due with what I have.
And part of my forest had to be moved too.

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VintageVendor said...

Your vintage pom pom tree is the best. It looks perfect above your other decorations. Love your theme this year of handmade and trees. You did a great job displaying all the thing you created. Thank you for sharing.