Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Thrifting

I stay  far away from any of the craziness of Black Friday so my hubby and I decided to take a trip out to New Holland for a visit to my favorite thrift shop!  At first, I was very disappointed, I went through most of the store and found nothing.  OMG, we drove all the way out here for nothing?  But the last remaining rooms were to uncover a lot of items for me to bring home and make the trip all worth while!

My hubby was the first to find something, he found another Stuart Woods book that he didn't have and he was thrilled at the price, only .50 cents!  LOLOL!

Then, I was off and running.  In the craft room, I found these two rulers.  I have quite a few of these older wooden rulers and especially love the ones with advertising on but these are both without the advertising.

Then, in a room that seems like it is a misc. collectibles room, I found this laying on the floor.  
The thing that interested me most with this were the graphics.  I wasn't even sure what it was.  I thought it was an object to keep the sheets tucked in around your feet while you are asleep.
When I got home, I did some research on it and realized it makes a "tent" out of the sheets or blankets on the bed to keep them off your feet!  According to the patent number on it, it's from the 50's.  

Baby toys:
Baby rattles:
An old copy of the game PIT from late 1910's!  I'm not sure if all the cards are there but think it's a neat display piece or for scrapbooking pieces:

Then, next to the reading room, I found these on the magazine racks:
These are amazing little magazines called Pack-o-Fun!  They are magazines of crafts to make from things around the house, such as paper rolls, cans, Christmas cards etc.  I got 60 of them total!  I started to go through each one but it was taking so much time, I had to stop.  There's a lot of things for group leaders to do with kids, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts etc.  Even skits at times.  They date from early 1950's to around 1964.  I love some of the advertising, too, like a magazine on What to Do with Marshmallows!
Some fantastic graphics!  The earliest ones are before staples!

I got some more bookends.  Which we'll need with all the Stuart Woods books the hubby is collecting!
And my favorite item!  A covered bridge paint by number!
And the last two items I got downstairs:
Majorette pin:
And rhinestone Christmas stocking pin:
We decided to go upstairs to pay.  This register is never open when I'm there normally but it was that day.  We went ahead and paid, the hubby headed for the car and I decided to take one more look through the toy section.  I didn't get out of there without finding more.  

First are these cars and trucks, which I want for a project and they are always too expensive but here, they were only .50 cents each:
And I couldn't resist this:
It is a wooden boat and when you twist the paddle wheel around with the rubber band, you could let it go in the water and it will unwind and propel the boat.  I think it's handmade and I'd like to think it's by a loving grandpop for his grandchildren!

We took a ride over to Shady Maple for their buffet and had a nice lunch.  There's way too much food at that place so from now on, we'll visit the lunchette downstairs!

I took him over to the new pond store that opened up about 2 years ago and he's never been there and then we headed home.  It really was a wonderful day.


VintageVendor said...

You never cease to amaze me when you go thrifting.
I was thinking you would come home with Christmas decorations and then I find you come home with completely different items. LOL I always like to pick a favorite and this time it is the little handmade wooden boat! Great finds.

Too bad it was not the season to stock up on pond things. I would have loved to have seen what they carry.

P. S. That Better Sleep thingie is most unusual!

Jennie said...

What a fun trip!! I loved going with you through your narrative. You found some awesome things, and it must have been a great feeling after the initial feeling of disappointment. Nothing "black" about your Friday :))))

Doodle said...

Wow, what a collection! I bet hubby was excited to get home and start reading. haha
You always find the best stuff on your adventures. I wouldn't even know where to begin to look.
I agree with Jennie, nothing "BLACK" about your Friday.