Monday, January 2, 2012

Latest Finds!

I went to my favorite thrift shop today.  What fun this place is!  Let me show you what I found!

I'm in love with bottle brush trees and found this one is a bag mixed with other items.  I really only wanted the one item but the tree next to it was neater than I had thought, so it's a keeper, too.  The tree basket seems to be homemade.  The basket appears to be balsam wood and then gold cording is lining the inside handle and matches the hanger.  The bag cost me $1.00 so they seem worth it!  The other item is a metal truck and I just love it!  Again, only one dollar!  It happens to be a pencil sharpener.  I want to find a tiny little person to drive it.

 I just loved the look of these old nail boxes!  I need to do my research on them but if nothing else, they'll make an awesome display!

 The hubby purchased this heart shaped bowl!  It is perfect for our upcoming Valentine's Day party!
 This is a plain and simple bowl by Hazel Atlas.  I'm going to make a flower cluster orb for it and use vintage papers.
 This is an amazing little thing!  I think it's a master salt.  What is great are the feet on it!
 Look closely!  That is a man's face!  Maybe a Viking? Pssst, I only paid .50 cents for it.
 Wonderful Fry custard cups!
 This is the best thing yet.  A souvenir cup or toothpick holder.  Great gold accents with ruby dots.  Souvenir of Hershey Park, PA.  It's just beautiful and I only paid $2.00 for it!  
 Skirt measuring devices.
 A metal two-sided Chinese checker board and checkers/chess board.
 Slide a metal bar and you can see cups in it to store the marbles and checkers (not included).  BUT, it's an older lithograph piece made by Ohio Art!
I sure wish this thrift shop was a lot closer to me!


VintageVendor said...

Wow. How did you fit all that in your car? LOL You came home with some great finds. I LOVE that master salt with the man's face. Very unusual.

Doodle said...

You find the coolest stuff. I think I've seen that mans face before. Maybe he's a model!

Are those things living in your new little house? haha

You are in pickers heaven!