Monday, September 26, 2011

New flower clusters

I learned how to make these flowers and like doing them but when I'd see others make them, I noticed they had more folds inside each petal!

I found some directions to make them with more folds, but just couldn't get it.  Even the hubby tried and couldn't get what they were saying.  I decided I was going to learn it, come hell or high water!  

Here is the old ones:

It's nice, I like it but I just had to know how they did the other ones!

Here is a new one:

See the difference in the petals?  With the old ones, you don't need glue until you start gluing all the petals together, you tuck the paper in but with the new ones, you do need glue for each petal.

What do you think?  New or old?


VintageVendor said...

I love the new one best.
Looks like such intricate work on both.

peppercorns said...

I like them both actually. And I think you should make them as Christmas ornaments and send one to each of your friends. Just thought I'd through that out there. :)

Doodle said...

Those new ones look just like full bloom flowers.
(I like Peppers idea too ~ if I'm your friend that is!)