Friday, September 23, 2011

Grand Jury Stuff

Well, where do I start?

My hubby wasn't home to run me over to the courthouse, so it's the first time I had to drive myself.  I was okay with this because let's face it, in the two years I will be going for this, he can't always be home!

Driving over to the parking garage was a piece of cake!!  Woohoo!  BUT, when you turn into the garage, you don't have the opportunity to swing out and pull straight into the garage, therefore, I couldn't get close enough to the ticket machine to reach it!  I had to put my car in park, unfasten my seat belt, OPEN my door and push the button for a ticket!  GRRRR!  It's a bear being small!  I was so lucky no one was behind me!  I got my parking space and off I go.  *sigh*  I had no idea where I exited the parking garage, so I had no idea where I was going.  But, I made it look like I knew!  Okay, so I had to stop someone and ask them how to get to the courthouse.  When I exited the garage, I should have made a right but I made a left.  Can YOU say no sense of direction?  It's quite easy if you go right and not left but for today, I had a hike to get there!  LOL!

I made sure not to drink so much coffee this morning.  Just enough to open my eyes to drive!  After all, they have coffee there for us when we get there.  OMG, what??  The coffee isn't here yet?  *sigh*  Luckily it arrived in time to grab some before sitting down.

Now, I was pretty much promised my seat by the door but I get inside and I'm moved over one seat.  How can this be?  I can't take this!  While no one was looking, I moved the chair next to me over so we weren't so close to each other!  LOLOL, I had the chair straddling the foot on the table, how annoying can that be?  No one noticed what I had done, so it's okay, right?

Who is my new table neighbor?  (Names may be changed to protect the innocent)  David, but he goes by Dixie.  LOLOLOL!  Okay.  He's a talker.  Don't get him started.  We are in BIG trouble, him and me together!  He works for a box company.  They make boxes for Just Born (you know, those people who make marshmallow Peeps) and Hatfield Packing (you know, those people who kill pigs and make hot dogs).  He's also a big fan of hot rods and the NHRA.  He likes drag racing.  He's lost 45 pounds by cutting out bread and starches.  Anything else you want to know?

So, I stand by my chair for a while, allowing others that get there late to get by me and I notice the man's parking ticket beside me.  We put them on the table so they can be validated.  I asked him, where did you park that your ticket is different than mine?  He starts laughing and turns his ticket to the other side, NOW it matches mine!  LOL!  I said I didn't have enough coffee yet this morning and he says "it shows!  Sit down and drink your coffee."  Ten minutes later, we are still laughing about this and he says he won't tell anyone.  He's a very nice man but quiet.  Poor man, sitting next to me.  But he actually stayed after with me and explained to me what he does for a living and it was very interesting!!!  He tests water.  :o) I had a very good banana nut muffin from the break room.  This might not be a good idea in the future.  That made me burp.  I can see it now, Juror #31 is on the record for a belch.

We hear from a witness and discuss the case.  Another witness was supposed to show up but didn't (she's in a heap of trouble) and the second case we were to discuss, the detective was sick, so we got to leave early!!  Woohoo!

My hike back to the parking garage wasn't as bad except I had to walk in the rain.  I was so happy it didn't seem as long as the walk towards the court house was BUT, I took the elevator to the second level of the garage and couldn't find my car!  I walked around and knew I was going in the wrong direction since the next level was outside and not uncover and I definitely left my car undercover.  Um.  Can you say no sense of direction?  I was actually really starting to get worried, I couldn't find my car!  Thinking back, I should have set off the alarm and followed the noise of that (would police come running?) but I didn't.  I guess I could have just hit the lock button until I found it.  I was never so happy to see my car!  I am learning more and more, each time we have a session!  Maybe there will come a day that I'll have nothing to write about!


peppercorns said...

I love these posts. It's like I get to spend the day with you. :)

Runs With Scissors said...

I scare people! Trust me on that. You really don't want to know how my mind works!

VintageVendor said...

You are so good at giving every last detail. I enjoyed reading all about your day. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

I would love to be in the courtroom with you but I want you on my side. You are far to detail oriented to be against me !

Doodle said...

HAHAHAH, I'm still laughing about your banana nut muffin story. That's the best.
Love your posts on this. Sorry I'm late getting here, but I'm loving it.
"A Day with Runs" - yea, I'm with Pepper on that. (and we have already accepted the fact that we have NO idea how your mind works ~ and we're okay with that Ducky)