Friday, January 14, 2011

Short trip

*sigh*, the hubby is home which means I don't get anything I want to do done.  I was going to run out and do some thrifting, but he had other plans.  I ran out to the one closest to me and walked out empty handed.

The hubby wanted to go to this place for lunch that has a nice buffet and it's a little bit of a hike, so I said I'd go.  He surprised me by stopping at two more thrift shops on the way home!  OMG, he didn't even roll his eyes and sigh the whole time I'm shopping.  In fact, I think he made out better than I did!

Here is what I came home with:

     It's a paint by number wall pocket!!!  Woohoo!
And I only paid $1.03 for it.

 Really pretty rhinestone earrings.  Photo just doesn't do these justice!

Very pretty scarf!  White with yellow tulips! 
And I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that famous Vera signature!  

The hubby came home with a brand new Black & Decker tool pouch, 2 large frames and a hardback Tom Clancey book...  He only spent around $9.00 but then he found almost $2.00 in change in the pouch.  *sigh* Hold on a minute, that's not right, I paid for those frames.  Dang, he got me with the old, I'm taking a phone call bit.

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