Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vintage Finds - Day Two

Couldn't resist this pair!
Another souvenir glass!  Check out the date, Gettysburg, 1863 and in great shape!
Can't you just see those colorful mini mints in this?  It has a place for a spoon in the handle, but it's not included.  I love the blue depression glass!
Shabby chic candleholder in cast metal and the chippy white paint.
How cute are these?  Each one has an animal on the bottom and look what they do!
Stack all together!
Letter holder!
More salt and pepper shakers.  What's up with that?
Swirly vase!
Princess phone in harvest gold!  Tee Hee, no I didn't pay anywhere near that price!
Oh no, it's a hair ball!

I know you want it!


Doodle said...

Those hair balls sure do get around! Love your finds. That blue depression glass is really pretty.

(counting down until tomorrow cuz I know what's coming)

boshi said...

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