Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Latest Finds!

I've really been lazy about blogging lately. I've had some amazing finds lately and haven't shown them. It's time to change that!
Here's one I just couldn't resist. Made from all seashells, except for the eyes, how cute is this? Okay, so it's not the cutest, but still! It has a face only a mother could love.

This is strange. No markings on it. One side is deep enough to plant a small cactus or something but the other side isn't deep enough, what's up with that?

Party Invites that are puzzles! You write the information on them, take them apart and mail. It says they require a .13 cent stamp.

I almost passed this up, it was so filthy dirty with something that resembled a green moss! I soaked it twice in dishwashing soap and it still didn't come off. I finally sprayed it with Scrubbing Bubbles so they'd get into the crevices and even then, had to do it twice and use a toothbrush on it. Now I'm glad I didn't pass on it!

Two mushroom mugs, Made In Japan!

Mug by Fostoria!

Love the characters on it!

This just breaks my heart. Someone took 25 Wade animal figures and threw them into an old, used bread bag. Only about 17 survived.

The giraffe is awesome! Only one survived :(


Julie said...

Love those little animals. The nerve of some people just tossing them in a bag. Glad they have a new happy home - until you sell them anyway.

Jennie said...

I LOVE that coffee time mug- it just makes me happy! I have recently listed a mushroom stacking mug, too- and a butterfly one and a flower cart one. I love them! Funny how sometimes the same things will pop up in thrift stores in different parts of the US. Great that you saved the hen- she looks beautiful. I'll have to use the scrubbing bubbles trick myself sometime :)

Runs With Scissors said...

Jennie, I use scrubbing bubbles on textured items, even the refrig and patio tables! It gets in those crevices just great, it's not just for the bathroom! LOL! Off to check out your mugs!