Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thank you tags!

I really wanted to make some tags to send along with my orders as a thank you. It occurred to me that I have a huge container of scrapbook supplies, so I got those out and rooted through them. Here are some results. I used some thank you stickers and rubber stamps. Added some brads and doodads and think they came out nicely.
The one above has a 3-D butterfly, I used pop up sticky foam pads.
Some are nothing more than an antique looking tag with my address on it and thank you on the back.
The ones above are smaller tags that started out white and I dyed them. I love these except they curl up, even days after I put them under a book to flatten out, when I removed the book, they curled. Anyway, the brown antique ones are coffee dyed with vanilla scent, the purple ones are dyed with food colors as well as the teal and tye dyed ones. Again, added some brads or buttons with a thank you sticker.


Jennie said...

Gorgeous work!!

Stockannette said...


Doodle said...

They came out great! I think you should consider making some to sell as well.

goodgosh said...

These are really cool! Are they the ones you had in the oven that night? You should sell some.