Sunday, October 18, 2009

More PP Challenge Entries

From Jane at comes this: This collage is done on a 4" x 6" mat board, covered with decorative papers and tissue paper. This has some odd and ends of different scrapes and doodads added. This has some glitter and rhinstones added for that little extra sparkle. It has been coated with a matte finish and has some beads and ribbon added onto the hanger.On this it says,"Karen gleefully created a mysterious PP"

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Woohoo! Another PP challenge entry is done! From Julie at come the above matchbook notepads.

The above photo came from Linda at She explains: This is my entry; a pumpkin spice scented felted goat milk soap. The soap has been felted in beige wool, and then rather laboriously embroidered with a funky, nubby vintage Swiss cotton rug yarn. A knitted alpaca stem completes the pumpkin look.

From stockannette at come this greeting card! She explains:
the card will come with "Thinking of you, Peanut Pumpkin!" printed on the inside - if you prefer the card arrive blank inside.

This one is from LaBeq at Her description: This odd little crocheted pumpkin can be used as decoration, or, if you are like me and my former coworkers, kept at your desk and lobbed over cubicle walls when things start getting boring at work.
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