Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bring it on!

The members of the Etsy Sneak Attack Team has taken on a challenge! Inspired by my peanut pumpkin, they have challenged the members to make something relating to this pumpkin!
The first entries have arrived! From Ros at come these amazing photos!

Here is Mother and Child.

GG Sleeping!

My favorite! Titled Pumpduckin!

And Mighty Elephant!
Nice work Ros! I'm enjoying each and every one of these!
The second shop to send an entry:

Woohoo! This one comes from: and another wonderful work of art!
And a third shop has an entry today!

From Peggy at comes this greeting card, titled Ugly Pumpkin! Now we are cooking, Sneakers! Keep those entries coming.

From this is her interpretation! She explains: PP Goober Bunbfl, merino, tussah silk noil, cotton nepps (tons of them)1 oz


goodgosh said...

Hay! I just noticed your comment "GG sleeping"


Duck butt.

EsThings said...

Wow... so intimidated... i am not sure i should finish mine... it is nothing like this.

Joy said...

Such talent!

jfreda1 said...

love seeing all of these!
go for it Es, I am :)