Friday, July 24, 2009

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

I went to take some mail to the mailbox this morning before leaving for my weekly thrifting. When I turned back towards the house, there was a pretty little hummingbird checking out the flowers in my front garden. I just stood there and watched it until it left.
Did you know you could purchase a frequent shopper card at Goodwill? Well, you can! It costs only $4.25 for the card and you get a percent off every time you buy and it's good for a year! I purchased one today and all ready got an additional $2.06 off my purchases, it will pay for itself in no time and it's good at all the Goodwill Shops and we have a bunch around here.
And, you can go to www.Goodwill.Org and they have an online auction! Fun stuff!

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