Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Project!

I found something I can do with my scrap pieces of paper! I decided to make earrings but about halfway through the first earring, a light went off in my head and I turned the earring into this:

It's a dangling doodad pendant! After I made this one, my hubby sat down and thought about what I was doing and of course, came up with a genius way for me to make them so much easier and cut my time in half! Since, I've made more:

The dangles are all from and she does such a great job on them! I love all of them! She does all different colors so I'm having a great deal of fun matching things up. I'm even mixing colors together, which is something I don't usually do!

Here are all of them together and you can definitely see the difference between the very first one I did and all of the others:


pigatopia said...

cool prendants I love these


The Pink Bird House said...

Karen, these are great!! You are just so creative, always coming up with something new.