Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Few of my Favorite Things . . .

One thing I can't stand doing is putting away my holiday crafts! I love homemade items. But every year, I pack them away until the next time. Some of these items I made SO long ago, they could probably be considered vintage by now. Seriously.

The wooden reindeer were made by simply painting them all a solid brown and then splattering white paint on each one which makes each one unique from the others. A small hole drilled in the tops and twigs from the bushes outside, wahlah, reindeer! Complete with Rudolph with his nose so bright, guiding the sleigh. Some of the twigs have broken over the years but I refuse to go outside and get new ones. One or two deer were chewed by previous pets, but I don't care, I still love them. The trees were just as easy. Painted green with white spots and inserted in red bases. Easy!

Stitching has always been one of my favorite crafts and I especially like primitive stitching. The tree is made on perforated paper carefully cut down into 7 squares that fit snuggly into the blocks which have carved out centers. The blocks are painted a darker red and made to look antiqued. The Santa picture is also done on perforated paper and framed with a barn wood frame. Perforated paper is SO easy to work with, no hoop required, even holes for easy counting and keeping track of stitches. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Lastly but just as important to me are the stained glass pieces my hubby made! He does incredible work. Done the good old fashion way! Two Christmas fans in stands, done with red, white and green glass. A Santa moon that I hang in the window each year is one of my all time favorites! Then, there's two stained glass lamps that I do leave out all year round. Take special note of the maroon colored lamp made with special flaked glass! It's so beautiful. Also, I made the yo-yo runner it sits on. The blue and white lamp sits on a doily I purchased at a flea market and was handmade by someone, but not me! The Santa at the base was made by my Mother! It is knitted and bound to be a wonderful vintage item.

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