Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One of those moments

Ever want to try something, you think about it and finally decide to do it and then think, okay, don't need to do that again? LOL! That was me yesterday. I get it in my head I want to use puzzle pieces to make earrings. I find a puzzle while cleaning (and sheets of Shrinky Dinks! Remember them? What will I do with those?)

Anyway, I poke holes in the puzzle pieces and heavily coat them with poly. Let them dry and look at them. Not bad, they came out really shiny and pretty neat looking. BUT, they are huge! Would anyone wear such big earrings?

I went to the drugstore today. Went on roads I always drive on and today, there's something new! Speed humps! Yep, not speed bumps, speed humps! The sign confirmed this. I swear if you are driving a small car, you could get hung up on these things. I never saw a speed hump before.


Jennie said...

I hear that big earrings are in with the young crowd! They look really cool. Watch out for those humps :)

RunsWithScissors said...

I'll play with the puzzle pieces and see if I can come up with hoops I like with them. Maybe buy a smaller puzzle!

Speed Humps? Have you ever?

Melissa said...

Speed Humps??? Thats crazy. The puzzle pieces sure turned out shiny. Maybe use them for a pendant on a chain. That would be cute. :)

Grace said...

They look great! They're probably a little heavy for me...what about a necklace with the pieces as the pendent?

RunsWithScissors said...

I'm still kicking around with the puzzle pieces. They aren't heavy Grace, but just large in size. Some can pull off the large size but I can't. I think I need larger jump rings!