Friday, January 18, 2013

Wonder why.

Have you ever wondered why when you do something stupid, there's always someone there to see it?  

I had court today.  We were asked to come in later than usual.  I took my shower, got all ready to go and still had an hour to wait before I left.  I played a few computer games and then it was time to leave.  My hubby was home so he took me over to the courthouse.  About half way there, I reached up to fluff up my hair and oh my.  My hair felt terrible.  WTH?  I realized I hadn't rinsed out my conditioner!!  OMG, it felt so bad and I couldn't image what it looked like!  I had a whole hour at home and I don't realize it until I'm in the car?  sigh.

I ran into the closest restroom and tried wetting down my hair with a comb.  Now my hands have conditioner all over them and my hair wasn't looking any better.  I kept on trying to wet down my hair until it felt a tad bit better but I was so self conscience the whole time I was in court.  I couldn't do something like this on a day I'm sitting at home?  No, I have to do it on a court day.

I remember going grocery shopping once and half way across the parking lot, I looked down and realized I still had my bedroom slippers on.  sigh.

Any one have any stories they'd like to share?  Maybe make me feel better?  :o)


Doodle said...

Sorry, I don't have a story a this moment (but one might come to mind) but I truly love yours! I can't imagine how you must have felt, and how the people around you must have been looking at you.

At least you had clothes on! Ever have those dreams you're out and about and realize you're not dressed? So glad those are only dreams (or should I say NIGHTMARES)

What I want to know is: did you punch your hubby for not telling you??????

Jennie said...

Thanks so much for the giggle, Karen! I know EXACTLY how that feels- well, the stuff in the hair part- because one time when I was camping the campground ran out of water right after I put shampoo in my hair. NO WATER to rinse it out. I was going across the country with 2 friends and it had been such a luxury to even be staying at a campground with showers! My hair dried so stiff- it was absolutely disgusting. I had to be like that for the whole day until we stopped at a place with a restroom that had a sink clean enough to rinse my hair in. OY!! Are you allowed to wear hats in court? Maybe you could bring one in case it happens again. But it probably won't. It will be something new and exciting, lol!!!