Monday, April 16, 2012

Thrift Finds!

I haven't had the chance to show all the stuff I've been bringing home but I have three items that I must share!

First, I've seen cake savers before but I found this nifty pie saver!  

I love using my vintage stuff so this was perfect for cookies for this weekend!

This next item intrigued me and I had to have it.

It's called a Baja case by Barnett & Jaffe.

It's a three drawer slide holder.  

It's in amazing condition!  All the tabs are with it.

The drawers are Bakelite.

Each drawer is numbered along the sides to show the number of slides in the drawer.

This was just an added bonus:

A Vera Neumann scarf!

And it was only $1.00!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blooming Tea!

Last week, while roaming around the Internet, I came across something that intrigued me to no end!  Blooming Tea!  What in the world?  Well, I must try this!  

So, I write an order for it and waited. In the meantime, I did as much research on it that I could.  It arrived on Saturday and I just couldn't wait to try it!

 They came wrapped in colorful foil.  I ordered a sampler and unfortunately, nothing was marked as to what type of tea I would be brewing.  They come in green tea, white tea and black tea.
 The first one I tried, I put the "pod" into a heat resistant pitcher and started adding boiling water to it.
 You start to see it opening and  flowers appear!
 This all happens while the tea is steeping.
 What I did was, I carefully removed the blossom after about 10 minutes of steeping.  Kept the tea in a separate container and put the blossom back into the pitcher with clear, cold water.
 You can see how beautiful it is!
 Totally amazing and the tea tasted so good, too!
 My photos just do not do this justice!  
 I had company on Sunday, so while we sat down to eat lunch, I brewed up a second "pod" and we all watched it open up and bloom.  Then, we drank the tea.  My guests were SO fascinated by all this, we did a second one!  LOLOL!

Here is a good source of information:  Blooming Tea  They do sell retail, too.  The second ones I did, I boiled the water and put it into the pitcher and then dropped the "pod" into the hot water and I liked that better.

I recommend you do a Google search to see how beautiful these teas are!  Just take a glance at some of the professionally photographed teas and they will amaze you, too!