Monday, April 16, 2012

Thrift Finds!

I haven't had the chance to show all the stuff I've been bringing home but I have three items that I must share!

First, I've seen cake savers before but I found this nifty pie saver!  

I love using my vintage stuff so this was perfect for cookies for this weekend!

This next item intrigued me and I had to have it.

It's called a Baja case by Barnett & Jaffe.

It's a three drawer slide holder.  

It's in amazing condition!  All the tabs are with it.

The drawers are Bakelite.

Each drawer is numbered along the sides to show the number of slides in the drawer.

This was just an added bonus:

A Vera Neumann scarf!

And it was only $1.00!


Jennie said...

Nice!! Love that slide case- what a neat find :)

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