Thursday, February 16, 2012

What are friends for?

Okay, so I see this listing in my friend's shop for 100 plus laminated tiles (AKA same as Formica) and my head started racing!  

 I LOVE these, there must be something I can do with them!!!  So, I make the purchase.  Then, she tells me she found some other kinds and she'll include those with the sale!  WooHoo!  (I think, anyway)
 Well, a few more???  Try probably another 100 plus tiles!  **sigh**   This is what arrived at my door!
 Okay, let's start playing!  I take one of each in retro colors:
 Put them in an old container and cover them with rubbing alcohol and let them soak.  This not only cleans them but loosens the inks.
 Then, I take my trusty Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and rub the ink off of them.  Waalaa!
 On my computer, I make up some labels.  I practice on plain paper until I have them perfect and then print them out on clear labels.
Cut them down to size and apply to plastic tiles.
 Add hangers, use anything you have laying around, like string, twine, yarn etc.  And you have a thank you card, a business card, luggage tags, wow, just think of the possibilities!

 Permanent markers work!  Yippee for Sharpies!  Can you imagine these in a child's art class?  How much fun would that be?
 I'm not even sure you really need to remove the printed inks.

Using permanent inks, I just bet rubber stamps would be fun.  Decorate with stickers.  Um, what else can you think to do with them?

Oh, by the way, thanks VE!  **sigh**  Friends love to make me work!

I need to keep practicing, but even the first run was fun to do!


VintageEmbellishment said...

I am so impressed! Only a hundred or so more to use! LOL!
I knew you would find amazing ways to use these ♥

Peppercorns said...

You're amazing! I like them cleaned off, but I think I like them with the old printing even better. Have yourself a grand old time Ducky! :)

Doodle said...

Wow! Pretty amazing score there Ducky. And with your creative brain, I can't even begin to imagine all the other things you will come up with. Keep us posted.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Oh how I would love a bunch of these to use to label my homemade soaps ! Love what you did and thanks for sharing

Runs With Scissors said...

What a great idea Donna! Want some, I think I could spare a "few" of them!

PTO said...

These would be really cool business cards!