Monday, November 7, 2011


I've been searching for all kinds of vintage charms to make a bracelet.  It took awhile to collect enough but here it is!

I have a few duplicates, so I might replace those if something else comes along.  There's two mustard seed charms, two pink Lucite cubes and two shoes with birthstones (different stones in them).

I can't decide if I want to continue and add more charms on the other side of the chain, too.

I love the door knocker, it moves but my favorite one is Popeye!
See the old license plate?  I want to find a ton of those to make another bracelet, so if you happen to have any laying around, please let me know!


Leonda said...

I love the new bracelet! I have a drawer full of bits and bobs that I have accumulated to use as charms. Maybe this will motivate me.

Runs With Scissors said...

Leonda! Do it, it's so much fun! Please let me know when it's done, I'd love to see it!

VintageVendor said...

I love it!
The baby shoe is so cute and that door knocker is neat. You did such a nice job. I bet you get a lot of compliments on it when you wear it.