Sunday, February 21, 2010


I had to go to the post office on Friday so I decided to make a stop at a thrift shop I haven't been to in a very long time! I walked in and saw how much they opened up the rooms and how nice it was organized now! A whole room for linens! A room for toys and kid's clothes. Housewares everywhere! And the best part, now there's a basement opened for furniture, electronics and more housewares!
I saw this pitcher and kept trying to walk away from it. But something made me take it! It was so filthy dirty, I wondered why it attracted me. I washed it up and just look at it sparkle! I found out it's a West Virginia Game Pitcher.
I love finding rhinestone items! This one is pretty plain, but has a special feature. The clasp is just wonderful! It's a rhinestone box clasp to die for!
It's a choker necklace!

Tuppercraft trio planter in sunny yellow! I can just see herbs planted in this and on a windowsill somewhere!
Tupperware cereal bowls!
I, also, purchased another dictionary for my word paper beads and four skeins of WOOL yarn! Great for felting and only 50 cents a skein. Probably should have bought more of that!
No photos of these, but I found 12 more paper plate holders in those wonderful vintage colors! A few more fish ones like listed on Etsy and a new style I don't have yet. Makes me want to have a picnic!


VintageVendor said...

Great finds Karen ! I love that game pitcher and the clasp on the rhinestone necklace is a beauty!

goodgosh said...

Pheasant water.