Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Flea Market Finds

Wow, today was one of the best flea markets ever!  So many vendors, so much fun!  We were there for five hours!  Wanna see what I got?

I have no idea what these are.  Yes, they are paint by numbers but of what?  I searched the museum for them and can't find them.  I tried searching with the following tags:  girl, boy, dog, cat, bear, hat, circus and monkey.  Nothing.  Any ideas?
This next item is one of those, what the hell is it and must have it things. 

It clips onto something and I guess it holds cups.  Does it clip onto a table?  Is it for a card table?  I carried it around the flea market and kept asking vendors if they knew, two of them said it was a cup holder for a car.  Um.  Why does it have a handle there?  Tuck napkins in it?

I just thought it was neat.  Hard to sell if you don't know what it is though!

A large box of papers and cards.

There's some neat items from the 40's from a school class trip!

Love the chenille doll card!
Apparently, someone was handy with crafts!

They used a lot of crepe paper.  LOL!

A bowling game.

I loved the old garden claw but the man said I had to take the second one for free.  LOLOL!  He wanted to get rid of them.

Georges Briard plate

Bottle cover

Safety pin angel

Suction cup cricket

Dog salt and pepper shakers

Flocked dog (Goofy???) salt and pepper holder

Second look:

Burwood butterfly set

Matching little ones

I have one item that I didn't take a photo of, it's a 6 pane window!  I got it cheap and want to do a project with it, so maybe you'll get to see it some time later.  And got myself a new plant for my garden.  Was a great day!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

OMG, where has this summer gone?  Can you believe it's Sept. all ready?
I've been shopping, but not taking the time to post items, just too lazy.  Sorry about that!  I've had a request to post what I found at the latest flea market, so here it is.
This is fun, my friend and I stepped back and let my hubby take the lead on this one!  The man wanted $10 a piece for these, the negotiations started and boy, was it fun to watch!  The vendor thought they were worth more because they are signed, nope, doesn't mean a thing, the hubby states.  LOL!  In the end, they settled on $6.00 for the pair but when my hubby went to pay, he said he only had a $5, would he settle for that? 

These were my doing.  They are gravel art called Golden Parrots.  Wish they were in better shape but for $4.00, I wasn't going to pass them by.

These are fun, they are travel hangers!  See how they fold down for the suitcase?
A corer with Bakelite handle:

Don't ask:

I liked it.  LOL!  He had a second one, different style, I'll take both of them but I never picked up the second one.  OMG, it is SO heavy!

These are neat files, not sure if I'll keep them or not.  LOLOL!  I didn't buy them to keep but I do like them.

Found this vintage projector and the vendor really wanted to get rid of it.  He had a box full of slide holders that he told me to take what I wanted and since I have a nice display that has 4 empty boxes, I took just 4 of the slide holders to fill those boxes.  He gave us an extra lamp bulb for it and another attachment to it, all for the huge amount of $5.00.

It's that neat industrial color and I hope someone will want it for a display item and it does work, if they really want to use it.