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Happy Holidays!

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Love you guys! In a totally straight way!

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Yankee Candle Trip

Recently, I visited the online shop for Yankee Candle and boy, were they having some great sales!  I'm still waiting for that order and it occurred to me, I need a gift card that I didn't put in the order.

I have a Yankee Candle store nearby me, so I decided to just run in for one item and leave.  I have a love/hate relationship with that place!

Here is what I walked out with.

First, here is the gift card, how freakin' cute is this?

The card is slipped into a cardboard holder that looks like a shopping bag!

The card itself looks like one of their candle jars!

OMG, look at what else I couldn't leave without!
Santa pants!  I put some Sparkling Cinnamon votives in it.  Hey, it was on sale!

Next is this cute thing.
What is it?

It's a trapper cap that covers the lid to your jars!

Hey, it was on sale!  They had Snowman and Santa caps, too but this one is a gift for a hunting family, so I thought it was appropriate.

These are just the gifts I got, have one more in my order I'm still waiting for and just a few items for myself!

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