Saturday, January 11, 2014

And even more book folding

These were SO easy to do and I think the ones I like the best!  

I started this in the center and worked in both directions.

I wanted to keep some of the original book but you can do the whole thing so it is perfectly round.  This one is so simple, get the kids to do it for you!  It's one fold only, just fold the pages into the spine one page at a time.

This one reminds me of a porcupine.  Again, you can do the whole book so it goes into a circle but I wanted to do only half.  This is a 3 fold.  Top corner down, bottom corner up and then fold the point to the spine.

I think these both would be so neat to use with vintage photographs, post cards, place cards, recipes, etc.

I'm ready to do some more so I have to do something different!

Friday, January 10, 2014

More book folding

For my first try, my hubby gave me a tool and equipment catalog so I got started right away.  A few more lessons learned!  First, check how many pages you have before you start!!  And make sure the pages will be strong enough to hold it up once done!  

It's huge!  It had over 700 pages in it.  

It was good practice!  It took me so long to do that I did another style until I got this one done.

Did I tell you it is HUGE?  I don't even know where to put it, I don't have the space for it!

This is the one I did besides that one:

Much nicer and a lot more fun to do!

And it stands without help or I can use a plate hanger and hang it on the wall.