Sunday, August 26, 2012


I've restocked my shelves and have even more inventory on sale now!  Please stop by!

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Ducky

is having a sale!  Time for an inventory reduction sale so I can add new items to my shop!  Stop by and see if there's anything you can't live without!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thrift Finds!

I have three owls and now a cat?  Not really sure what it is but how could I possibly pass it by?
 They had a bunch of old clipboards and I just love them.  I only bought one small one though!
 Couldn't resist this beauty.  I have a hard time passing up pressed glass when I find it, which isn't too often.  It was only .47 cents!
 A lucky horseshoe ashtray.  Um.  It has holes in it that I assume are for some type of string or leather cord to hang it up.
 Sure could use some help with these!  Have no clue what they are.  Do you?
 They are pressed cardboard and have numbers on the backs.  I know there should be 12 of them but I'm missing number 2.  
 These were grouped together in a bag.  I could only see the first one but took a chance.  Now I'm not really sure what to do with them!  Only the first one, the gold one, is in decent shape, the rest have started to fall apart and become dust!  Can you image something you've made from these?
 Aren't they beauties?  LOLOL!  Sell em, keep em, trash em?
 And the bestest thing!  A Rolodex Jr.
Done in that industrial look. 
 That pebbled brown, which I don't see that often, usually it's a pebbled grey.  
That's it for now!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A First!

I didn't get the best of photos but you'll get the idea.  We've had a record breaking amount of blooms on our water lily this year!  And this is the first time we've had 3 bloom at the same time.

 This is an interchangeable water lily.  The first day, they open up yellow and then turn to pink and peach each day after.  Unfortunately, they only last 3 days.  But this year, they seem to be continuous in blooms!
There's one more bloom just waiting to open but most likely, the two larger ones you see will be done by that time.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Craig's List!

I've been searching for a retro floor lamp or one that looks retro and someone suggested I search Craig's List.

I have to laugh at the quality of items listed from my area, Allentown, to the quality of items listed from say, Philadelphia.  The stuff around here just plain sucks.  Same thing with yard sales, don't even bother in this area unless you want baby clothes and toys.

Anyway, while looking I found a casserole that I fell in love with!  I contacted the lady and she hadn't sold it yet so I said I'd like to have it.  Well, the two of us just couldn't get together immediately and I called her in the afternoon to see what we could do.  She was busy, I was busy and she really didn't want to wait for the weekend.  I got the feeling she thought I was just yanking her chain so I offered to drop the phone and run right over.  I offered to pay for it via PayPal but she says she doesn't have PayPal.  HUH?  She must live in a cave!  I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but thank goodness I have GPS now!  She almost does live in a cave!

Take a look at what my very first Craig's List purchase was!

It's called Golden Hearts by Pyrex.
It is a promotional piece from 1958.  I'm not sure the candle warmer is original to this, it did come with one but just not sure this is the one.

I'm really not sure what to think about Craig's List.  I'm really not crazy about complete strangers showing up at my door.  But from what I hear, people do it all the time and are successful at it.  It's free and instant cash, so who knows.  What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I went to a new set of thrift shops yesterday and wasn't impressed.  They have furniture in one shop and I found this:

 I wasn't happy it's under glass but it didn't appear to be sticking to the paint anywhere.  I debated over it and finally decided to bring it home with me.
 The person who did this must not have been really into it.  The paint is so thin in places, you can see the numbers through it!
When I got home, I looked it up and found out it is called Swiss Village and it's from 1952.  I sure was happy I got it!  It's on canvas as opposed to the cardboard and there's 22 oil colors.  I believe the people glued this down on a thick piece of cardboard before framing it because I wanted to see if I could remove it from the frame and the cardboard was chipping off in pieces so I left it alone.  Funny thing, the quote from the catalog states "You'll love the old world beauty of this tranquil piece" and the museum says ' J Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, painted one of these kits'.  Could it have been this one?

In another part of the shopping center, the same thrift shop had a book section, nothing there and then the usual part of a thrift shop was down at the other end of the shopping center.  I just wasn't impressed but it was one of those things I've often thought I should check out.

Not having enough of a thrift fix, I stopped at another thrift store.  I found this wonderful old avocado green plate rack:

And even though I rarely look at clothing, these cute pants caught my eye.
 I love the fabric!  
Then, this caught my eye:
It's a blazer!  I have one in browns and wanted another color to wear with blues, so this one was coming home with me!
It's brand new, never worn.  The pockets aren't cut yet.  
What??  Wow.  All the tags are still on it.  

The clothing racks were really picked through, not much there at all.  I asked the cashier if they were going to stop carrying clothes and she said they are just getting rid of the summer items and bringing in the winter items soon.  I hardly consider this a summer item, it is wool after all!

The thrift shop tag had $20.00 on it, that was crossed off and it now said $1.00.  Are you kidding me?  All clothes in the place were $1.00.  Now I need to knit myself a scarf to go with it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Live and Learn

I'm an impulse buyer.  I try not to be, I've started bookmarking items and waiting a few days before purchasing and that seems to help.  But, there's times I just can't resist.  This is one of them.

I'm planning on remodeling my small powder room in a 1950's style.  Right now, I'm in the hunt and gather phase but it's moving right along and I'm really getting excited.  

So, I saw this on a web site and didn't give it much thought.  The description was vague, first red flag.  Didn't give a size or how to mount it etc.

Wow!  New old stock!  How awesome is this?  It holds an entire bar of soap, up and out of the way, push down the lever on the right side and the bar drops down into your hands.  It claims to keep your soap dry and out of the way.  Just look at that design, I had to have it.

Here are the colors it's available in:

Yep, black it is!

So, I get it today and was so disappointed.  It had a huge scuff mark on the upper right hand corner that was clearly visible.

It appears someone played with it because there are scratches near the handle:

And there were more scratches and scuffs all over it.  

This thing cost a small fortune plus another small fortune for shipping.  I had it in my mind that if I couldn't use it, I would turn it around and sell it, however, I wouldn't even attempt to sell this in the condition it is in.

They charged me $13.89 for shipping and it turns out, it's not very big or doesn't weigh that much, after all, it's plastic.  I called because a RGA number is required to return it.  So, do to the only fault of my own being that I'm an impulse buyer, I'll be out the original $13.89 shipping plus my $6.20 to return it.  It's a shame no one checked it out before sending it.  So, I hope I've learned my lesson.  And I'm SO over getting another one unless I find one a lot cheaper on eBay!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who collects these things?

I do!
Got me, maybe it's the colors????